March Happenings

Ghoha Hills

March Happenings

March turned out to be a month with lovely rains at Ghoha. Especially as we noticed that the Savuti marsh water levels are decreasing daily.

In and around Ghoha all the waterholes are full and we all are looking forward to a good winter season.

Reports from the our guest was as follows:

  1. Good roan antelope sightings at the foot of the hills of Ghoha, especially during sundowner trips.
  2. A hippo suddenly showed up at the pan with the hide, a bit skittish currently but will get use to the attentions soon.
  3. Two male lions of which one have  unusual bright yellow mane, was spotted on the road towards camps, about one kilometre away.  These should be two of the four males that was captured in Pandamatenga and dropped at Ghoha.
  4. Wilddogs was spotted close to Ghoha gate by staff whom went to Kasane.
  5. A lot of newborn elephants are seen all over, which cause a lot of interesting behaviour from the adults when approach by our vehicles.  Guest enjoyed that a lot.
  6. During March, we were priviledged to host families with younger children.  They added some bush skills to their knowledge, as they were assisting Amos, in setting and starting the campfire each evening at the boma.
  7. Ghoha is welcoming our fourth Guide Bafana and Cheff Allen, and we are looking forward to let them share their experiences and knowledge with us.


Abram & Nanette
General Managers


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