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Ghoha Hills

Waterhole Activity

"We can spend the whole day here on the balcony just observing the waterhole," an excited guest remarked one morning at Ghoha after watching large herds of buffalo, elephant, kudu, impala, zebra and giraffe arrive to drink.

They were watching how the elephant was chasing the pesky baboons away, thrusting his great head around and thrashing his trunk, even spraying a trunkful of sand their way!

Unfortunately the presence of a huge, irritated elephant intimidated the zebras, which then backed off and disappeared into the shade to wait until they could drink in peace. The impala, however, were just too thirsty and persevered with their mission to drink despite the angry elephant and the trouble-causing baboons.

With the scent of lions in the air, all animals are extremely cautious when they approach the Ghoha waterhole at the hide, taking notice of each and every movement. But the fear of lion can’t overrule the thirst for water, so we still watch them in awe from our shady position beneath the thatched hide. 

Over the weekend, the waterhole was taken over by a herd of hundreds of buffalo – the Ghoha Pride’s favourite meal! The roan antelope also emerged cautiously to drink offering guests some fantastic game viewing and photographic opportunities. Elephants have been marching up and down the Ghoha entrance road and ambling between the tented suites. Hearing them munching and crunching away just outside one’s bedroom is a thrilling experience never to be forgotten!


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